About Us



Growing up in sunny southern California, Jamie Jung has always been influenced by the beach and surf culture of its sandy shores. Jamie's passion for surfing and her talent for design made it an obvious choice for her to start her own swimwear company. In 1978, she started Point Conception and hasn't looked back. 


 Jamie traveled to surf many exotic and beautiful beaches around the world. A free spirit always being open to new adventures and new ideas, she immersed herself in the local scene through her travels. Although Jamie's experiences abroad serve as inspiration for her designs, southern California is where she still calls "Home" and where Point Conception is based. Knowing first hand the importance of fit and having the ability to key into current trends, Jamie remains the creative force behind the company's thriving brands and private label programs.

In 1989 Jamie's brother Jeff Jung came on board as CFO and has been hands on with every aspect of the business. He watches over all the details of the day to day demands of the company and it's customers. It is because of his tireless commitment that Point Conception has kept moving forward and steady in an industry that is often tumultuous and ever changing.


 With a great team of people dedicated to creating, manufacturing, and shipping swimsuits that look good, fit well, and are of good quality, Point Conception Swimwear can be found in fine surf shops and specialty retailers through out the United States. It is with the same dedication and passion that the company plans to forge ahead for decades to come.